Team Lynx is committed to winning the U.S. Army’s XM30 Combat Vehicle program, which is entering the Engineering and Manufacturing Development (EMD) phase. The XM30 is the next generation Combat Vehicle which will replace the existing Bradley Fighting Vehicle.

As a member of Team Lynx, Allison Transmission is in good company when it comes to focus on supporting our National Defense initiatives in the pursuit of XM30 using the help of those that have answered the call to serve in the armed forces themselves, our Veterans. For nearly 100 years, Allison has supported the American Warfighter through the manufacture of transmissions used in Defense vehicles. However, what isn’t often mentioned are those that are involved with the design, development, and manufacturing of those systems. The combination of all Team Lynx members including American Rheinmetall Vehicles, Textron Systems, Raytheon, L3Harris Technologies, Allison Transmission, and Anduril Industries employ thousands of Veterans across many critical functions. In today’s private sector, organizational and leadership skills are in high demand. Team Lynx employs and continues to aggressively recruit Veterans as they bring exceptional knowledge, skills, and abilities in these areas. In addition, the firsthand operational experience with Defense vehicles at the end user level in the environment for which they’re designed makes their contributions to Team Lynx invaluable.

“Leadership is the area of my military experience that I apply most to my job in Ground Systems at L3Harris,” said U.S. Army Veteran Michael Froebel, L3Harris. “Leading teams in high-pressure environments has honed my ability to make critical decisions, manage diverse teams and ensure mission success. This directly translates to effectively managing projects, coordinating with cross-functional teams, and delivering on complex Defense systems.”

Previous armed forces experience gained by the workforce plays a massive role in the team’s success. Michael Clemens of Textron Systems mentioned how his experience in the U.S. Army makes it easier to understand the needs of the Warfighter based on shared experiences from the battlefield and an understanding of how to solve unique problem sets.

“Veterans bring a unique capability to Raytheon and our industry partners – relevant user-based experience,” said U.S. Army Veteran Pat M, Raytheon. “Everything we design, build, and deliver to our customers benefits from our Veteran-employees’ intimate knowledge of employment, training, and operational applications that can’t be taught in the conventional academic curriculum.”

With a focus on more than just recruiting Veterans, Team Lynx organizations offer programs geared toward retaining those individuals as well. Allison has launched an Employee Resource Group (ERG) with the mission to challenge, develop and grow the Allison Veteran workforce. “Several members of the Defense group coordinated an initiative called ‘It Means More’,” said Todd Finley, retired U.S. Marine, and active participant of the Allison Veteran ERG.  “The purpose of this initiative was to connect with the employees in our Defense production facilities and emphasize the importance of their activities and how their efforts ultimately support the Warfighter.” The resource group gives line-of-site to Veteran benefits as well as provides professional development opportunities, fundraising initiatives, volunteer, recruitment, and scholarships. Allison co-founded INvets, connecting discharging Veterans with manufacturing jobs and was the recipient of the Pro Patria Award for demonstrated support of the Indiana National Guard and Reserve in 2022.

Raytheon’s VAALOR mentoring program provides opportunities for learning by fostering mentor-mentee relationships to help guide employees in their professional growth. Raytheon also supports Veterans through involvement with “The Mission Continues” for volunteer opportunities and a partnership with Student Veterans of America to aid Veteran students in their pursuit of higher education in addition to scholarship opportunities. This is complemented by American Rheinmetall’s sponsorship of Skillbridge which is a Department of Defense initiative to provide tuition assistance and internship programs to retiring Veterans. Over 14% of American Rheinmetall Vehicles are U.S. Veterans.

Team Lynx appreciates and supports all of those defending our Nation and is proud to have such an abundant number of Veteran’s engaged. When it comes to finding a team determined to break the mold and deliver next generation technology to those in the armed forces, look no further than joining one of the many organizations of Team Lynx.