Why Team Lynx’s  XM30

We’re focused on what the customer wants, what the Soldier needs, and what victory demands for today and tomorrow. Team Lynx XM30 is sized right to fight, with an architecture designed for persistent modernization, unmatched lethality, superior survivability, and best-in-class mobility. We are poised for production to provide the U.S. Army the most advanced and lethal combat vehicle in the world, while simultaneously strengthening the U.S. Defense Industrial Base.

Enhanced survivability with integrated sensors and Iron Fist Light Decoupled APS.

Increased range, mobility, and power including first-ever hybrid-electric powertrain.

Decisive lethality through 50mm cannon, 3rd Gen FLIR, TOW, Javelin, and Coyote® Block 3 loitering effects.

Two Soldier Crew operations fully enabled through automation, decision aids, and universal controllers.

Improved sustainability with integrated analytics, prognostics, and diagnostics.

Adaptive architecture, new integrated digital engineering environment supporting future upgrades and technology insertions.