Team Lynx, led by American Rheinmetall Vehicles, is comprised of six industry leading partners, Textron Systems, Raytheon, L3Harris Technologies, Allison Transmission, and Anduril Industries. Together these teammates are utilizing their broad range of expertise to develop the Lynx XM30, to support the U.S. Army’s XM30 Program. Each teammate is comprised of a diverse workforce bringing a depth of knowledge across a wide array of industries. From engineers to project managers, Team Lynx brings together the best of the best. Read on to get to know some of the motivated members on Team Lynx!


American Rheinmetall Vehicles

The lead for the team, American Rheinmetall Vehicles, brings together a diverse employee base, located in the heart of the Army’s vehicle manufacturing epicenter, Detroit, Michigan.


Finnie Lazaris

Finnie Lazaris, Business Manager for American Rheinmetall Vehicles, has been with the company for about six months and is responsible for managing the execution of program finance management processes and procedures. She brings great experience and expertise to the company and greater Team Lynx after having served as a Planning and Control Manager in the defense industry for 23 years. Finnie enjoys working with various departments within American Rheinmetall Vehicles and learning how each contributes different key components to the whole of the Team’s XM30 vehicle design. For Finnie, being part of Team Lynx fosters collaboration, camaraderie, and the opportunity to leverage diverse skills and perspectives to serve a common goal. The modern vehicle infrastructure of the Lynx XM30 is the portion of the design that Finnie finds most interesting and necessary. “I think safety is very critical to the program because it ensures the protection of our Soldiers, and allows them to return home safely”, she said. On the battlefield our Soldiers are our greatest asset, and it’s imperative that we prioritize their protection and well-being by delivering the best combat vehicle solution possible.


Bharat Odedra

Team Lynx has a way of drawing people in and creating an energy that drives dedication and commitment to working hard. Bharat Odedra, Vehicle Test Manager for American Rheinmetall Vehicles, is coming up on his two-year mark with the company after having worked in the industry for 16 years where he was most recently responsible for planning and managing the testing of the M10 Booker armored fighting vehicle. Bharat’s experience serves him well as he and his test team work to find ways they can support the development phase of the Lynx XM30 design to maximize its effectiveness and ultimately become the Army’s design of choice. The vehicle’s drive-by-wire and silent maneuver capabilities are the most exciting features of the design in Bharat’s opinion as they are new technologies for large armored vehicles, which require creative thinking to develop new ways of testing. The members of Team Lynx are a good mix of people from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds, including a large number of Veterans. The new perspectives that this group brings to the Lynx XM30 design are refreshing to Bharat, and he feels that this provides the opportunity and environment to challenge the ‘tried-and-tested’ way of conducting vehicle testing. “I feel the XM30 platform will establish a new level of warfighting capability gap between us and our adversaries”, he commented. The Army’s XM30 combat vehicle is a critical and monumental step towards modernization, and Bharat is excited to be part of a team that is working to provide that capability.


Josh Moo

Josh Moo is the Lethality Manager at American Rheinmetall Vehicles who brings 20 years of combat vehicle development for lethality and survivability to Team Lynx and the Lynx XM30 design. In his role on Team Lynx, Josh is dedicated to focusing on ensuring that the Lynx XM30 is a true asset to American Soldiers – not a designed-by-committee hindrance. History is full of examples of where the American Soldier has succeeded through skill, bravery, and grit while fighting the limitations of their own equipment. With the Lynx XM30, American Soldiers can be confident that the vehicle will get them safely across the battlefield and support them at the objective. Most of Josh’s duties focus on leading trade studies and integrating systems onto the Lynx XM30 platform. The team has conducted extensive trade studies to seek the world’s best armor, active protection, and other survivability systems available.

While we draw on the decades of experience of our coworkers and partners, I am psyched that Team Lynx has an exciting and dynamic startup culture feel that allows us to quickly adjust to changing battlefield requirements,”  _ Josh Moo, Lethality Manager at American Rheinmetall Vehicles


Textron Systems

The vehicle manufacturer for this program, Textron Systems, brings more than five decades of ground vehicle manufacturing experience having produced more than 10,000 vehicles. Remaining an industry leader in this competitive and evolving space requires innovative and eager employees, ready to support the Warfighter. Textron Systems is proud to have such top talent dedicated to the XM30 program and delivering the best vehicle possible.



Zach Bupp

Zach Bupp, Program Director- Crewed Ground Vehicles, has been an employee with Textron Systems for 17 years beginning as a college intern in 2007, accepting a full-time role with the company upon graduation. His passion for technology and the activities involved in the different phases and awards of this program keep him excited as he looks forward to what each new day brings. Zach commented, “The partnership and working relationship that we have established as teammates is fantastic. We have clear lines of communication and are able to challenge each other in a healthy mindset.” Zach’s leadership is vital as he continues to motivate and inspire the rest of the Textron Systems’ team




Mike Clemens

Another vital member of the Textron team is Mike Clemens, Director for Military Global Sales and Strategy and the business development lead on the program. An Army veteran, Mike previously worked as a civilian at the Army’s Futures Command focusing on the next generation of combat vehicles before joining Textron Systems 18 months ago. Sitting in Textron Systems’ Detroit office, Mike is able to connect with both members of the American Rheinmetall team as well as Army leadership. This role allows Mike to leverage his experience with service members, providing opportunities to interact with Soldiers and leaders alike. Mike plays a key role on the team as he continues to provide direct lines of communication and feedback between the teammates and the Warfighters

“Textron Systems offers an experienced and proven American manufacturing capability that will not only support Team Lynx but also has the potential to be part of a revitalization of the defense industrial base,” – Mike Clemens, Director for Military Global Sales and Strategy, Textron Systems.  



Jon St John

Joining Mike in the Detroit office, is Jon St John, Senior Program Manager on the XM30 program. Jon joined the team five months ago after serving as a Program Manager at an engineering firm, working a contract with the Program Executive Offices Combat Support and Combat Services and Ground Combat Vehicles at the Detroit Arsenal. Jon has jumped right in establishing solid relationships with the American Rheinmetall manufacturing team. Jon states, “I am honored to be a part of a team that is providing Soldiers with revolutionary technical capabilities that will remain on the battlefield through the 2080s and beyond.” Jon’s work is vital to ensuring the Textron Systems’ manufacturing workforce is aligned to the Soldier’s needs and to the common Team Lynx goal of building a superior combat vehicle



Raytheon, an RTX business and one of the largest and most capable aerospace and defense companies in the world, brings expertise to Team Lynx in digital design, modeling and simulation, and integration of complex systems onto platforms. For XM30, Raytheon brings forward the new Multi-Mission Launcher which can fire the company’s TOW™, Javelin, and the Coyote® Block 3 loitering munition as well as other effectors directed by the Army on the technology pathway.

A key member of the Raytheon team supporting Team Lynx is Jim T., the lead Requirements & Capabilities director focused on Tactical Effectors, Platforms and Systems Integration. Jim has been with Raytheon since 2021 following a senior military advisor role to the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition & Sustainment and a distinguished career in the U.S. Army. Jim brings a Warfighter perspective and a mission-first mindset to his role, both critical in shaping the capabilities and functionality of our contribution to the Army’s next generation combat vehicle. He commented, “The Team Lynx XM30 offer brings together the very best technologies from the leading domestic and international vendors to provide the Army Warfighter with a truly world-class capability.”
Raytheon’s extensive experience, spanning a broad portfolio of command and control, sensor and effector solutions, is leveraged in the development, evaluation, and iteration of advanced concept systems.


L3Harris Technologies

Located in Melbourne, Florida, L3Harris Technologies is a leader in developing and integrating complex engineering solutions, designed to fit a variety of mission sets and platforms. The team combines leaders across all arrays of engineering to develop advanced and innovative solutions.


Jeff VanDorp

Jeff VanDorp, Chief Software Engineer for L3Harris Ground Systems, has nearly 30 years of experience developing and integrating open architecture systems similar to ground systems common infrastructure architecture. Throughout his career, Jeff has primarily worked with integrated modular avionics systems on both commercial and military aircraft. He has also contributed to the development and implementation of standards such as DO-297, ARINC653, and the FACE™ Technical Standard. Jeff’s expertise and leadership are vital to the success of L3Harris and Team Lynx.

“I am excited to apply the modular open systems approach (MOSA) principles, learned from decades of development in aviation, to the ground vehicle industry and enable rapid technology insertion for our Warfighters,” – Jeff VanDorp, Chief Software Engineer, L3Harris Technologies.




Leqi (Ken) Zhang

Leqi (Ken) Zhang, a Systems Engineer at L3Harris for eight years, has been an advocate and practitioner of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) for 18 years. He appreciates the commitment from the Army and Team Lynx in applying MBSE methodology to facilitate the development of the XM30 system. “The groundwork the Army has laid for the XM30 program to enable effective application of MBSE and Digital Engineering is the most comprehensive I have seen,” said Zhang. “I am confident that Team Lynx can effectively operate within this new paradigm and develop cost-effective, modular open systems approach (MOSA)-aligned solutions for the Warfighters.”





Matt Symons

Matt Symons, Deputy Program Manager for the XM30 program at L3Harris and a former Army armor officer, champions a Soldier-centric approach with a focus on transformational capabilities. Central to the ethos of Team Lynx is a commitment to delivering technological advantages to the battlefield. “Our collective aim at Team Lynx is clear: to arm our Soldiers with unmatched capabilities they need to dominate on the battlefield,” said Symons “This shared vision motivates the team’s relentless pursuit of innovation, focusing on delivering a platform that truly redefines the operational capabilities for our Warfighters.”


Allison Transmission

Allison Transmission, headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, is the transmission supplier for the team’s XM30 vehicle offering. With facilities across the globe, Allison Transmission combines the expertise of leaders from across all regions of the world.


Dana Pittard

Dana Pittard, Vice President of Defense Programs at Allison Transmission joined the company over eight years ago, previously serving 34 years of active-duty service and retired at the rank of Major General from the Army. Dana stated, “Allison is proud and excited to deliver the eGen Force™ for use in the Lynx XM30. The eGen Force™ is the most innovative propulsion solution ever built for a tracked vehicle. Our team is thrilled to be a part of Team Lynx and I enjoy the collaborative spirit we have with the American Rheinmetall leadership.” Team Lynx is an engaging blend of exceptional companies with highly talented professional men and women ready to offer the most advanced technology to the XM30 program. The eGen Force™ is a game changer for propulsion solutions. The hybrid architecture uses less fuel, allows for silent mobility, distributed power, on and off vehicle power capability and many other amazing features that will benefit the future Warfighter.


Erin Windler

Erin Windler, Director of the eGen Force™ Product Team within Allison Transmission previously served as an Engineer Officer for the Army. Her favorite attributes of the eGen Force™ transmission system include the ability to provide electric hybrid propulsion and silent mobility. She enjoys the opportunity to work with multiple leaders within the industry and provide advanced technologies to the Army. She notes, “The best part of being a member of Team Lynx is the collaborative nature of the team focused on bringing the best overall XM30 solution to our Nation’s Warfighter. The eGen Force™ propulsion system offers the advanced technologies of drive-by-wire, on-board vehicle power, and silent mobility, while still providing the performance, quality, and reliability expected of an Allison product.”

Mike Stone

Mike Stone, Senior Account Manager for American Rheinmetall Vehicles within Allison Transmission has spent 28 years in the off-highway and automotive industry, 17 of which were at Honeywell with Garrett Turbo. His favorite characteristic of the eGen Force™ transmission system is the ability to offer silent mobility. His involvement with this program has given him a good understanding of how to be successful in the defense industry and he is eager to experience more as the program progresses. He commented, “Our pride in being a member of Team Lynx stems from the unique capabilities each of the members bring to the table, which is very impressive. Each are world-class leaders in their respective domains. Allison is providing the eGen Force™ transmission system which is very much the “heart” of the Lynx XM30 combat vehicle. It has the capability to run entirely on electric propulsion, can produce onboard power for the vehicle, and allows for optionally manned maneuvers with drive-by-wire.”

Anduril Industries

Anduril Industries, headquartered in Costa Mesa, CA, provides next-generation software-defined, hardware enabled systems and brings its deep experience in software development, mission autonomy, systems integration, and command and control to Team Lynx. Anduril’s software provides the necessary automation within the XM30 to enable two-Soldier crew operations and enhances mission effectivity and efficiency. Anduril’s control software will have continuous and rapid development, integration, and delivery cycles, enabling persistent modernization for combat vehicles to rapidly adapt to constantly evolving operational and threat environments.


Andrew Gibbs

Andrew Gibbs, Program Manager for Anduril Industries Land Systems, is a former Army field artillery officer who joined the company last year after completing his MBA at Harvard Business School. He draws on his experience as a Bradley vehicle commander to ensure the Common Tactical Picture Anduril is developing will enhance lethality while limiting the crew’s cognitive burden. Andrew is thrilled that American Rheinmetall Vehicles has put Soldiers’ user-experience at the center of their approach and that Anduril is able to contribute their industry-leading products and design expertise to Team Lynx’s prototype development effort.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to work on the XM30 because we are developing the software I wish I’d had in the Army,” – Andrew Gibbs, Program Manager, Anduril Industries.

Hiring diverse talent with a passion for providing Soldiers with the most advanced and capable technology possible is crucial to success in the XM30 program. Each of the partners on Team Lynx looks forward to continued teamwork and is committed to developing the most advanced combat vehicle solution suited for the diverse range of Soldier mission sets.