In the dynamic landscape of modern warfare, technological advancements and strategic collaborations are indispensable elements of the Army’s Next-Generation Combat Vehicle modernization program. One such groundbreaking development is Team Lynx’s XM30, developed by a formidable team built on the foundation of innovation, experience, and strategic collaboration.

American Rheinmetall Vehicles and Team Lynx are developing a next-generation combat vehicle – the Lynx XM30 – that achieves the Army’s requirements for a combat vehicle with unbeatable protection, unsurpassed firepower, and unrelenting mobility. Operating with other units or independently, the vehicle can sense, move, and strike in a connected, rapidly changing, complex, and lethal operational environment unlike any combat vehicle before, providing the Army a decisive edge on the battlefield.

American Rheinmetall Vehicles was one of two companies down selected by the Army in 2023 to compete in phase 3 and 4 of the XM30 Combat Vehicle program, driving towards a production decision in 2027.

Technological Advancements

At the heart of the Lynx XM30 lies numerous technological advancements that redefine the capabilities of armored combat vehicles. The Lynx XM30 far exceeds current generation combat vehicles through its transformational design and capabilities. While traditional combat vehicles focus on the time-honored “iron triangle” of mobility, protection, and firepower, what makes the Lynx XM30 truly transformational is the addition of its hyper connected, all digital, networked command and control capabilities, enabling and simplifying multi-domain maneuver.

Moreover, Team Lynx’s XM30 incorporates a modular design, open architecture, and power generation that enables the rapid integration of new technologies as they become available. This provides the Lynx XM30 and our Soldiers overmatch now and in the future.

Enhanced Situational Awareness

In an era where information is a decisive factor in the outcome of military engagements, the Lynx XM30 sets new standards for situational awareness. Equipped with a sophisticated sensor suite, including advanced sights, 360o situational awareness cameras, radar systems, and infrared sensors, the vehicle provides a comprehensive and real-time picture of the battlefield.

The fusion of sensor data through advanced processing algorithms allows the Lynx XM30 to generate actionable intelligence for its crew, enabling them to make informed decisions in the heat of battle. The vehicle’s integrated augmented reality display further enhances crew situational awareness, offering a 360-degree view of the surroundings, even in challenging environments.

Strategic Industrial Partnerships

American designed and manufactured –a key strength of Team Lynx lies in its strategic partnerships among U.S. defense industrial base leaders, each contributing specialized expertise to ensure the success of this ambitious project.

Team Lynx is led by American Rheinmetall Vehicles of Sterling Heights, MI, a renowned innovator of advanced tracked and wheeled combat vehicles. American Rheinmetall Vehicles is the Team Lynx prime contractor, responsible for design authority, integration, and program management.

Textron Systems provides prototyping and manufacturing support to Team Lynx at their world class Slidell, LA facility. Textron Systems is an industry leader in unmanned land, surface and air products, services, and support for aerospace and defense customers. The company brings robotic and systems integration capabilities gained from current and previous programs of records across all domains. Textron’s Slidell, LA facility has produced more than 10,000 vehicles for more than 15 programs of record and offers 158,000sqft of total manufacturing space, and 30,000sqft of warehousing,

Raytheon, one of the largest and most capable aerospace and defense companies in the world, brings to Team Lynx expertise in digital design, modeling and simulation, and integration of complex systems onto platforms. For XM30, Raytheon brings forward the new Multi-Mission Launcher which can fire the company’s TOW™, Javelin, and the Coyote® Block 3 loitering munition as well as other effectors directed by the Army on the technology pathway. The company’s extensive experience, spanning a broad portfolio of command and control, sensor and effector solutions, is leveraged in the development, evaluation, and iteration of advanced system concepts.

L3Harris Technologies is an agile defense technology innovator, rapidly delivering forward-looking solutions that solve customers’ toughest challenges. L3Harris’ multi-domain expertise in open architecture, vehicle mission systems, cybersecurity, and communications brings tremendous capability to Team Lynx. Its history of using a modular open systems approach is fundamental to delivering a cutting-edge combat vehicle with the ability to rapidly adapt as modern and contemporary threats emerge and evolve.

Allison Transmission is the leading designer and manufacturer of vehicle propulsion solutions for commercial and defense vehicles, the largest global manufacturer of medium-and-heavy-duty fully automatic transmissions and a leader in electrified propulsion systems. Allison will provide the eGen Force™ Transmission for the Lynx XM30 that will enable electric hybrid propulsion as well as electric-only silent maneuverability.

Anduril Industries provides next-generation software-defined, hardware enabled systems and brings its deep experience in software development, mission autonomy, systems integration, and command and control to Team Lynx. Anduril’s software provides the necessary automation within the XM30 to enable two-Soldier crew operations and enhances mission effectivity and efficiency. Anduril’s control software will have continuous and rapid development, integration, and delivery cycles, enabling persistent modernization for CVs to rapidly adapt to constantly evolving operational and threat environments.

Future Possibilities

Team Lynx’s XM30 is a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation. With its advanced features, strategic partnerships, and commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible, the Lynx XM30 represents a pivotal moment in the evolution of armored combat vehicles.

Looking ahead, the Lynx XM30 is positioned to become a linchpin in the Army’s combat vehicle fleet, providing our Soldiers unmatched survivability, lethality, and mobility – and battlefield overmatch for generations to come.